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EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS Designed for ease of use, comfort and sleek looks, the Nuride Hybrid Pro's Modular Battery System completely encloses the Bosch PowerTube battery – and that's the case whether you opt for the Easy Entry, Trapeze or Men's frame options. It's fully compatible with Bosch's new Smart System, too. Included mudguards, lights and kickstand complete the accessory package, so you're all set for pretty much anything. And Efficient Comfort Geometry does exactly what you'd expect it to, giving you a comfortable ride whether you're popping across town or setting out to explore the countryside at the weekend. IS THERE ANY LIMIT TO THE VERSATILITY OF A GREAT BOSCH-POWERED E-BIKE? THE NURIDE HYBRID PRO ALLROAD SUGGESTS NOT. WITH THE AGILITY OF A MOUNTAIN BIKE, THE EASE OF USE OF A CITY BIKE AND THE ADAPTABILITY OF A TOURER, IT'S GOT YOU COVERED WHETHER YOU'RE POPPING INTO TOWN OR HEADING INTO THE GREAT OUTDOORS. Combining the go-anywhere ability and comfort of a mountain bike with the ease of use of a city bike and the adaptability of a tourer, the Nuride Hybrid Pro Allroad truly is a bike for all reasons. Its powerful fourth-generation Bosch CX drive – with Smart System and 625Wh or 750Wh battery – works seamlessly with Shimano's reliable and easy-to-use Deore 10-speed gears, so you can make light work of any journey. There's a comfortable 100m suspension fork and grippy Schwalbe tyres, with strong hydraulic disc brakes so that you can stop safely in any weather. Mudguards and lights mean you're all set. And, with a wide choice of frame styles and sizes, it's simple to find the perfect fit. What will next weekend bring? BOOST148 A wider hub makes a stiffer wheel, and a stiffer wheel means better handling. That's the thinking behind the Boost 148 rear hub standard, which allows wider flange spacing for better wheel performance without impacting on shifting accuracy or drivetrain efficiency. Simply put, you can go faster and harder with better handling and stronger wheels. EFFICIENT COMFORT GEOMETRY With our specially designed Efficient Comfort Geometry, cycling is a simple pleasure. Whether you're popping across town or exploring further afield, taking a ride with the family or with friends, for work or for pleasure, we've created a ride experience that will have you coming back for more. FULL INTEGRATED BATTERY The Full Integrated Battery system tucks the power of Bosch's battery out of sight, safely inside the confines of your bike's downtube. Hidden beneath a splash and dust-proof cover and secured with a lock to prevent theft, it allows us to design beautiful e-bike frames that are as brilliantly functional as they are good to look at. MODULAR BATTERY SYSTEM In many ways the battery is the heart of an e-bike. That's why, with our Modular Battery System, we've made a setup that's easy to use. You can charge the battery on or off the bike, and we've made room for even high capacity batteries. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it. GRAVITY CASTING Gravity Casting moulds liquid aluminium into highly complex frame sections, resulting in extremely strong structures that can better withstand stress. For example, with our Hybrid models we're able to produce a motor mount that's optimised to cope with the loads placed on it in this specialised application, without adding unnecessary weight or sacrificing strength. ALLROAD How versatile is a bicycle? When it's a CUBE Allroad, the answer is 'extremely'. Boasting a full complement of accessories including (depending on model) luggage carrier, mudguards, lights and kickstand, we built your Allroad to take on anything you care to throw its way. Weekday commuting, weekend touring and everything in between... our Allroad series has it covered. Garantie 2 ani. Garantie cadru 6 ani. Toate bicicletele beneficiaza de montaj si reglaj gratuit. Toate bicicletele beneficiaza de transport gratuit

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