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WINNING TECHNOLOGY Fast is light, fast is comfortable, and fast is efficient. The AMS ZERO99 C:68X Race 29's frame is crafted from our premium carbon and weighs in at a stunning 1600g, approximately. But it's not just about low weight. Short chainstays with plenty of clearance for 2.25in tyres tuck the rear wheel in under the rider for efficient power transfer. Slender tubes help keep the ride comfortable, rather than harsh. There are angle adjustment inserts to allow fine-tuning of the head angle. And with 100mm of travel front and rear and a geometry that's tuned for agility and pace, you've got everything you need to get to the head of the pack. POWER IS NOTHING WITHOUT CONTROL. THAT'S WHY THE AMS ZERO99 C:68X SL 29 COMBINES CUBE'S CUTTING-EDGE CARBON FRAME TECHNOLOGY WITH THE PRECISION OF SRAM'S EAGLE 1X12 TRANSMISSION. ON-DEMAND SHIFTS AND RACE-DEVELOPED HANDLING ARE THE WINNING COMBINATION YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR. Race bikes won't pedal themselves to victory, but the right bike can give you an edge. The AMS ZERO99 C:68X SL 29's brand-new frame design is just the start. We selected a pair of Newmen Advanced SL X.A.30 Carbon wheels for their low weight and rapid acceleration, then fitted grippy 2.25in tyres and ultra-light Schwalbe Aerothan inner tubes to transfer your power to the ground. Sram's Eagle 1x12 transmission components take care of go duties, backed up by Magura MT8SL hydraulic disc brakes for powerful stopping. And RockShox's superlight SID suspension components with TwistLoc remote keep the rubber glued to the trail. Take our word for it: it's rapid. C:68X CARBON FUBER TEHNOLOGY Combining all our expertise from carbon frame building into the ultimate material, C:68X® carbon uses the optimum blend of fibre and nano particle-infused resin. Precision Advanced Twin Mold manufacturing means we can avoid bonded sleeves or inserts, too. It's the new benchmark for light, stiff and strong. ADVANCED TWIN MOLD With our Advanced Twin Mold process we use two precisely manufactured forms for our C:62®, C:68® and C:68X® carbon frames. The first form is to ensure an accurate layup. The second, inner form keeps every individual fibre precisely where it needs to be while the frame cures. The result is a significantly lighter, stronger frame, with fibre density tailored to anticipated loadings at specific points. ADJUSTABLE HEADSET ANGLE When you're harnessing gravity, the trail is challenging and every second counts, the geometry of your CUBE is a critical component. That's why our adjustable headset allows you to tweak head angle, so you can set your bike up just the way you like it. A little slacker for more stability, or a little steeper for better agility. The choice is yours... UNIVERSAL DERAILLEUR HANGER One standard for all: gear hanger replacement made easy thanks to the innovative Universal Derailleur Hanger. With a design that includes some room for pivoting to help prevent chain jams, it improves shifting performance and works with all drivetrains. Best of all, it's a standard part that is available anywhere. FSP4LINK Suspension kinematics is vital to your bike's performance. At CUBE we use the FSP 4-Link for all our full suspension bikes, with a chainstay pivot and four bar suspension design. It's a proven method for creating active rear wheel travel independent of pedalling or braking forces. We carefully refine pivot placement for each bike depending on its intended use, so you can be sure of outstanding suspension performance on the trail. Garantie 2 ani. Garantie cadru 6 ani. Toate bicicletele beneficiaza de montaj si reglaj gratuit. Toate bicicletele beneficiaza de transport gratuit

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